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Over the Top Snugger

Over the Top Snugger 1


Lateral Clamping

Since boards that require close-to-the-edge printing cannot be held in place with top-down clamps, ASMPT offers lateral clamping. The board is held in place by lateral clamps with adjustable pressure in such a way that it lies flat against the surface and the blade can reach every part of the board.

Lateral clamping with automatic adjustment: OTS

The Over the Top Snugger (OTS) combines lateral clamping with the benefits of top-down clamping. You can print close to the edge of the board, and the automatic OTS system delivers a maximum of registration accuracy. Whether you use boards of different thicknesses or warped boards – one clamp firmly locks the board in place from above and straightens it before the lateral clamps go to work. The Over the Top clamps then retract to a position where their top edge is in line with the board surface.


  • Rapid automatic adjustment to the board thickness so that the board surface is level with the OTS.

  • Rapid automatic board leveling through top-down clamping. Even warped boards can be printed with perfect results.

  • Top printing quality close to the edge

Over Top Clamping

Over the Top Snugger 2


Over-the-top clamping is the standard method for keeping circuit boards in place during the printing process. The easily interchangeable rails keep the board on the conveyor. Even slightly warped boards are kept in place reliably for optimum printing results.

For ASMPT printers, rails are available in lengths of 250 mm, 340 mm and 500 mm.

Dedicated Toolings

Dedicated toolings


For Products with Components on Both Sides: Customized Tooling For Secure Support With customized designed dedicated tooling’s , ASMPT offers a unique service: from the protection of already assembled and double-sided printed boards to vacuum support for thin substrates. Using Gerber, HPGL or CAD data, our ASMPT Tooling Service will produce customized tools that protect even the most sensitive components during the downstream SMT process. At the same time, the squeegees are fully supported up to the edge of the board in order to prevent the warpage of the stencil and board, and thus keeping the quality of the printing process on a high level. We produce these customer-specific tooling’s on short notice and deliver them within one to five days anywhere in the world.

ASMPT All Purpose Clamping



The All Purpose Clamping (APC) system combines the benefits of all clamping methods for maximum flexibility. Program driven,
you can lock boards of all types in place for the printing process.
APC features three modes:

  •  Over-the- top clamping: Classic top-down clamping

  • Over the Top Snugger (OTS): Lateral (side) clamping after leveling the board with over-the- top clamping. After clamping the blade is being retracted to allow a perfect print to the edge of the board.

  • Combined lateral and top clamping: The clamping bar stay son the board for double the positional security.

ASMPT Grid Lok

DEK Grid


Boards that are supposed to hold components on both sides must be held securely in place during the paste printing process. In addition, very large or thin boards require special support to keep them from flexing and limit vibrations, thus ensuring a reliable printing process.

ASMPT Grid-Lok is the fastest and most flexible solution for supporting boards while they are in the printer. Even in its simplest version, ASMPT Grid-Lok uses its pins to adapt to the shape of the board in mere seconds. ASMPT Grid-Lok does not depend on the line controller, can be used in any machine, and does not require any setup changes since it adjusts automatically to the geometry of each board.

Various versions of ASMPT Grid-Lok modules can be flexibly combined. And since models with different pin pitches and heights are available, even boards with very large components can be supported. The manual starter model can be upgraded to the automatic and pneumatically operated Grid-Lok at any time.

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