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We strive to provide every customer the highest possible levels of service and support.
The ultimate goal of each electronics manufacturer is to have high productivity on the entire line ( utilize the machines to its fullest capacity ) and eliminate the unplanned downtime. To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive sales & service support program comprising of 4 stages:

Pre-Sales Counseling

Our team of experts works closely with the customers to understand their requirements and helps them to select the best configuration for their product mix and manufacturing process. It includes a thorough Cycle Time Analysis study because we believe that only an optimally designed line can deliver the maximum performance.

Technical Support And Spare Parts Service

On-line support – 24×7 telephonic support is available for consultation.

On-site support – trained and qualified field engineers are available for on-site support.

We continuously monitor the production data on-site and carry out an effective downtime analysis that enables our customers to understand the possible reasons for downtimes and loss of productivity.

Maxim SMT maintains the essential spares stock at its headquarters and offers healthy delivery options. For other spares our highly motivated team ensures that the orders are processed as quickly as possible and the parts are delivered in time.

Installation And Commissioning

Maxim SMT appoints a Project Engineer to handle respective customer accounts; he continuously co-ordinates between the customer and the supplier to confirm the machine configuration and monitor the delivery status. Our Standard Installation procedure comprises of:

o Pre-installation Meeting

o Installation Condition

o Machine capability certification

o Training

o Production ramp-up support



Process Engineering Support

& Service Packages

Our team of experts closely work with the customers to optimize their manufacturing process. Maxim SMT also provides complete support on process engineering; helping customers to monitor and improve the process yields and enable the customers to handle complex manufacturing processes.

We offer contractual services for preventive maintenance that will be performed periodically and will cover all maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer. It also includes Machine Health check ; machine overhaul and calibration.

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