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The automated versions of Teradyne’s TestStation systems are designed for manufacturers who demand the fastest test throughput for their high-volume products. The TestStation test electronics in these systems are paired with an inline automated handler so that the integrated system can be placed directly into the manufacturer’s automated assembly line.

The TestStation inline automated test solutions support a variety of handler configurations, pincounts, and Multi-Site capabilities to satisfy diverse manufacturing requirements, but all TestStation automated solutions come with these test features and capabilities:

  • High performance Windows-based PC Controller

  • High precision analog and digital instrumentation

  • Fast test throughput

  • High fault coverage with exceptional diagnostic accuracy

  • Proven test reliability

  • Scalable test capabilities

  • SafeTest test technology

  • Vectorless Test Technologies for simple detection of open pins on ICs and Connectors

  • FLASH & ISP Toolset for optimized programming of Programmable Logic Devices

  • Eight measurement channels scannable to any tester pin

  • GPIB bus connection of IEEE-488 compatible instruments

  • Synchronized Analog & Digital subsystems

  •  High level programming language

  • Powerful and easy-to-use Debug and Production user interfaces

  • Insightful Data Collection and Data Display Software

  • Built-in calibration standards module and self-test circuits

  • Low cost of ownership

Standard Features

Test Features that come standard with all TestStation models:

  • Windows-based PC Controller for high-performance communication with the test instruments and maximum test throughput

  • Shorts/Opens Drivers which utilize both linear and binary detection algorithms to quickly and accurately diagnose short and open defects

  • Analog Subsystem capable of performing precise measurements of Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Transistors, FET’s, Opamps and Rectifiers

  • High-Voltage Source and Measurement Instruments capable of sourcing 120V and measuring up to 200V

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator capable of sourcing sine, square, triangle or complex user-defined waveforms

  • Digital Voltmeter/Digitizer instrument that can be configured as a sampling scope to capture on board signals

  • Synchronized Analog & Digital Subsystems for performing coherent measurements of mixed-signal devices

  • Eight Channel Instrument Multiplexer and High Performance Pin Scanner matrix allows any instrument or tester pin to be routed to any one of eight measurement channels

  • Junction Xpress vectorless test technique which is capable of detecting open device pins and marginal solder joints on digital ICs by applying AC signals and measuring harmonic frequencies at diode junctions

  • IEEE-488 Instrument Bus with nine external ports for connecting external GPIB compatible instruments to the tester internal instrument bus

  • Calibration Standards and self-test circuits built into the tester for reliable system verification procedures

  • User-Level Programmable Relay Drivers support switching in external circuits and fixture hardware

  • High-Level Programming Language allows programmers to quickly create custom test procedures and modify existing test sequences

  • TestStation Pro Software Suite includes TestStation Debug Pro and Production Pro software environments with built-in productivity tools for accelerating program debug and maximizing production efficiency

  • AutoFLASH and ISP Toolset supports automatic generation of test vector models for Programmable Logic Devices

  • Data Logging and Data Display software for powerful analysis of test and production measurement data

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