Maxim’s printing experts stand by your side for all stencil printing-related questions. Using the right stencil for your application is a critical decision. Whether mesh-mounted or in the patented Vector Guard frame – we provide stencils for any application and are able to produce them with a wide range of technologies.


Maxim SMT Technologies Under the Franchise with ASM(DEK), is manufacturing Stencil’s in India since  year 2009. We put our many years of experience and our proven DEK Process Support Products to use for optimizing your printing processes.



The surface qualities of nickel deliver especially even and detailed paste deposits

Built layer-by-layer for outstanding printing properties

Ideal for fine-pitch applications and our cost-effective alternative to nickel stencils

The right area ratio for each component

Electroformed stencils for very special cases with cavities or for chip-on-board applications

  • Uniform thickness (2 micron tolerance)

  • Exceptional foil flatness improves gasketing and increases the life of the stencil

  • Higher tensile strength improves registration in fine pitch stencil

  • Reducing carbon which moderates recrystallization behavior and prevents the formation of Cr23C6

  • Higher grade material as due to this it release the unique quantity of solder paste.

  • Wall roughness is 4-5microns

  • Wide mix of components on a PCB can get required height of paste in single process.

  • Step up  - When the major components required less height and selected components required more height.

  • Step down - When the major components required more height and selected components required less height.

  • Multi step in one stencil -When major components required some height and some selected components required more height and some components required less height.


VectorGuard has taken all of the advantages of frame-mounted stencil systems-easier and more efficient storage, elimination of frame returns for credit and recycling and automatic foil tensioning – improved upon them and created an engineering masterpiece.

VectorGuard® benefits:

  • Space-efficient storage 

  • Cassette available for total protection 

  • Cabinet stores all foils in easy-retrieve system 

  • Safe & easy handling 

  • Excellent rigidity: foils can be washed after being released from frame 

  • Global, standardized design and manufacturing network 

  • PumpPrint and Electroform stencils available for the VectorGuard® system


  • Offers a unique solution to increase cleaning effectiveness and reduce cleaning frequency

  • Reduces Defects (Bridging, Insufficient, Solder Balls)

  • Improves the ability of the USC to clean the stencil

  • Easy to apply product  / Can be applied by Customer  to new or existing stencil

  • Greater first pass yield

  • Permanent bond but can be re-applied if needed

  • It is chemically inert when dry so no possible interaction with paste

  • No Special Equipment Required


The Pumprint stencils are most often used for printing of glue, when the adjustable height (from 2mm to >10mm) and the possibilites to print on a clear PCB as well as mounted PCB are needed. MaximSMT manufactures the stencils for different frames as per customer requirement


PumpPrint Benefits:

  • Significantly improved throughput over traditional adhesive dispensing 

  • Faster, more flexible and more cost-efficient than dispensing 

  • Nozzle changeovers eliminated 

  • Allows re-deployment of existing resources 

  • Underside routing clears components, cut and clinched through hole leads, paste and solder mask. 


Electroform technology delivers ultimate control over stencil thickness and uniformity, ensuring outstanding paste volume consistency for fine pitch applications. Electroform stencils provide superior performance and ensure seal contact to the pad(s), pad paste deposit and a greater percentage volume of paste on pad. The reactive force created by these stencils provides for an even distribution of paste and allows for a more clean release of paste from the aperture. Electro-form stencils are very effective for printing paste on SMT boards with fine pitch parts spread over a large area and provide excellent print performance for applications with miniature BGAs, ultrafine pitch QFPs and small components such as 0201s. Electroform is also the perfect enabling technology for packaging applications such as wafer bumping. And, as the industry transitions to lead-free manufacturing, Electroform stencils will become a necessity, as they improve solder paste release for some of the more challenging lead-free paste formulations


Electroform Stencil Specifications:

  • Available thicknesses: 1 mil (25µm) to 12 mil (300µm) in .01 mil (2.5µm) increments 

  • Aperture capability: from 1 mil (50µm) 

  • Component pitch: 4 mil (100µm) onwards 

  • Thickness Var: ± 7 % of requested thickness

  • Air Gap Ratio: 1.2 times of the thickness

Electroform Stencil Benefits:

  • Smooth, trapezoidal sidewalls maximize solder paste release 

  • High Seal Technology for 1:1 stencil open to pad, for PB-free applications 

  • Improved solder paste release ideal for Pb-free paste formulations