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The ZEVAv brings the next dimension to selective soldering technology.  It’s what you need today to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production and process control.  Patented convection preheating provides the best heat transfer to address the most complex boards. The ZEVAv is a flexible platform highly customizable and allows on-the-fly changeovers and the process control provides maximum insight on day-to-day performance.


Sustainability has been part of the design requirements for the ZEVA series of machines

  • Solder pot sized have been decreased as much as possible resulting in lower power consumption, lower solder usage and less solder waste in the form of dross formation.

  • Power management has been implemented to eliminate peeks in energy consumption.

  • Preheat elements are mounted parallel to the transport direction and can be switched off in case they are not required for the board in production.

  • Nitrogen atmosphere has been optimized in order to reduce nitrogen consumption, reduce the formation of dross, reduce flux consumption and increase the first pass yield.

SmartTeach Programming

  • Standard offline programming software

  • Program without using machine capacity

  • Automatic snap function aligning program over through-hole

  • Automatic calibration, process proposal, and flux volume calculation

  • Uses .DXF, Gerber or pixel based input



High Frequent Fluxing Technology

  • Increases process window up to 5 times

    • Frequency range increases over 4 times allowing a wider range in flux droplets

    • Increased accuracy with shorter pitches

    • Improved flux volume consistency

    • Lower mass allowing faster movement

    • Higher frequency (1000Hz) allows for fast robot movement

  • Reduces clogging with increased hole dimension of 180µm

  • Cost effective

Closed-loop Flux Flow Control

  • Integrated mass flow meter has capability to measure during the whole flux cycle directly in the supply circuit to the nozzle

  • Upper and lower boundary guarding with alarms

  • Statistical calculations on flow per recipe is part of traceability data

Closed-loop Preheater Management

  • Active and precise control of PCB temperature

  • Automatic adjustment of lamp power to reach desired temperature at the end of the preheat cycle

  • Improved process control and board to board repeatability

  • No additional cycle time

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