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ASMPT Consumables

DEK Consumables


The printing process is a step that has great impact on quality and yield. Only the perfect interaction of equipment, components and consumables guarantees optimized processes and results.

Based on the rich experience of our specialists and in close cooperation with customers all over the world, ASMPT has developed a broad portfolio of consumables for the best possible solder paste printing and understencil cleaning results.

If you have market-leading equipment, don’t compromise on quality – your customers don’t either. Use the best materials you can find.

  • Understencil cleaning fabric

  • Understencil cleaning chemicals

  • Pre Saturated wipes

  • Special cleaning products

  • Gloves

  • Precision cleaning wipes (Lint free)

  • Precision swabs

  • Spatulas

  • Solder paste nozzles (Lead Rich / Lead Free colours)

DEK Stencil

ASMPT Stencil Technologies



ASMPT’s printing experts stand by your side for all stencil printing-related questions. Using the right stencil for your application is a critical decision. Whether classic mesh-mounted or in the patented VectorGuard frame – we provide stencils for any application and are able to produce them with a wide range of technologies.

We produce the following stencil types for you:

  • ASMPT stainless-steel stencils

  • ASMPT fine-grain stencils
    Ideal for fine-pitch applications and our cost-effective alternative to nickel stencils

  • Laser-cut nickel stencils
    The surface qualities of nickel deliver especially even and detailed paste deposits

  • ASMPT multilevel stencils
    The right area ratio for each component

  • Electroformed stencils
    Built layer-by-layer for outstanding printing properties 

  • ASMPT 3D stencils
    Electroformed stencils for very special cases – with cavities or for chip-on-board applications

  • ASMPT Nano Ultra Stencils

ASMPT Vectorguard Stencils

DEK Vecorguard Stencils


ASMPT VectorGuard has revolutionized the paste printing process. Instead of having to use separate mesh-mounted frames for each stencil, VectorGuard is an easy-to-use foil mounting technology that saves up to 75 percent of storage space for stencils.

Even more important: VectorGuard holds the stencils in place with permanent and even tension. While the tension declines over time and bonded areas weaken in mesh-mounted stencils as they age, VectorGuard maintains the tension for long-term paste transfer efficiency and the best possible printing results.

We offer VectorGuard frames in two versions:

  • VectorGuard

  • VectorGuard High Tension

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